Cleaning Services Toronto



              Building Cleaning 


We clean your rental o condo building from top to bottom

Lobby, glasses, frames, empty recycle/garbage, wipe surfaces, sweep and mop floors, vacuum of carpets, elevators, inspecting hallways, stairs, chute rooms, curve appeal.

Cleaning details around the building, hose fire cabinets, ventilation grill covers, stains in walls, we take care of everything to clean and keep your rental o condo spotless, have a peace of mind.

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Your own cleaning schedule


We clean everyday, once a week, bi-weekly, monthly or just one time cleaning

A clean building not only ensures a good environment but also creates a good impression for visitors and tenants

We are bonded and insured, our staff is well trained and reliable 

Call us to book a visit to your building and get a quote 


We cost less than the other guys !

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